Acne Treatments

Home Remedies For Acne and Pimples

While growing up, we all have faced the dreaded acnes and pimples. I remember how I used to skip birthday parties and important classes just to hide those pimples. I am sure many of the young girls out there have gone through the same situation. One of the main reasons behind having pimples and acnes is, oily skin. Also, most of the teenagers face this problem because of the increased hormonal levels. As none of us can stop the body from working the way it wants to, we can certainly go to the kitchen and find some amazing home remedies for acne and pimples.


Some of the common factors why most of the people suffer from acne and pimples are:

  1. Sleep deprivation. With the advent of modern technology and games on the mobile phone, many of us have a tendency of surfing the internet of chatting with friends till late night which hinders the working of our body. Sleeping late can be one of the major reasons why your acnes are showing and not leaving you alone
  2. Boyfriend/girlfriend problems, not scoring well is the exam problem or simply the problem of a toothache can cause a lot of stress. Stress is another reason for growing acne and pimples on your face, chest, back and even scalp
  3. In this competitive world, everyone is trying to be the best and that is causing you many health issues. Hectic lifestyle is also a reason for those ugly acnes and pimples. It is important to work hard but is more important to take care of the health before matters fall out of our hands
  4. While the office hours are long, people tend to eat all those things they can put their hands on. No matter how much the thing is healthy or no. Eating too much of street food full of oils to eating burgers from Mc Donalds can cause you lifetime of acne troubles. So beware

The things causing acne and pimples are many and so are the home remedies for acne and pimples. Home remedies are easy to do and give a great outcome. Some of the remedies I am going to share are those that I have tried in my case and are 100% safe:

  • Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the greatest remedies for acne and pimple problems. It unplugs the pores and removes the dead skin thus helping as an exfoliant for the skin. It regulates the pH balance or the skin and acts as an antiseptic. Just make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to your skin and rinse with water after 10-15 minutes. It will act as magic
  • Fuller’s Earth or the Multani Mitti is another home remedy for acne and pimples. This not just reduces acne and pimples but also gives a great complexion to the skin. Adding Fuller’s Earth with rose water and applying it as a mud pack will give you great results
  • Lemon juice has acidic property and hence it can be great in treating acnes and pimples. It will clean the dirt that gets accumulated in the skin but also makes the skin dry. Applying the lemon juice where the acnes and pimples are present and leaving it for some hours before rinsing it can give great results. It can be done daily but make sure it does not make your skin too dry
  • The most effective and the easiest way of dealing with acnes and pimples is the regular toothpaste. Applying the white toothpaste on the infected area will reduce the pain and the swelling and will eventually help in getting rid of the ugly part

The above stated home remedies for acnes and pimples will get you the desired results if done properly. Also, the best part about them is that they have no side effects on the skin. Now you can walk freely without feeling embarrassed about the way you look. Enjoy


Acne Treatments

The Best Ways of Using Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Tea Tree Oil is one of the best natural options for removing pimples from your face. It is known to have unique soothing and disinfecting properties. Unlike other types of acne treatments, tea tree oil for acne will not strip the skin of its natural oils to cause more damage. It is why it is important to know how you can use it as the best, effective tool to use in getting rid of your pimples. Here are some ways on how you can use this oil for acne:


Apply it Directly to Affected Areas

Tea Tree oil can be gently applied directly to affected skin (areas with pimples) for a natural and effective acne treatment. This oil has natural antibacterial properties that make it the best option to harsh synthetic chemicals. A small amount of this oil penetrates your skin to disinfect pores, unblock the sebaceous glands, and dry out blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and other blemishes.

Use of Homemade Face Scrub

This is yet another good way of using tea tree oil for the treatment of acne. In this case, try to mix the oil with a few other natural ingredients for an effective and acne-fighting face scrub. These ingredients include sugar, olive oil or sesame and honey. Mix them in the right proportion and gently apply onto your damp face. For people suffering from certain skin conditions like cystic acne, this scrub can be a little bit rough, but is good for medium and mild breakouts.

Use of Homemade Spot Treatment

If tea tree oil becomes too harsh or just drying on your skin, try to use it in the right homemade spot treatment. You can simply mix some drops of tea tree oil for acne with small amount of aloe Vera gel to dilute it. Apply it directly onto the affected areas of your skin. Alternatively, raw, organic honey can also be used in diluting pure, undiluted tea-tree oil.

Use of Face-Mask

Some drops of this oil can also be added to either homemade or store-bought face masks to completely kill bacteria and remove pimples on your skin.

Add it to the Bath

Adding a few drops of this oil to your bath is also another way to get of acne of your back, chest, as well as other parts of your body that are also affected. Apart from its healing properties, tea tree oil also adds a nice, fragrant scent to the bath. Tea tree oil can also help alleviate congestion by breathing in a tea tree-infused steam.

Mix it with Moisturizer and Cleanser

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your daily cleanser and moisturizer to help in combating stubborn pimples on your skin.

Conclusively, a lot of brands have harnessed the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of this oil in their products for acne treatment. It is important to combine two or more of these ways of treating acne for faster results. Apart from acne, this oil can be used to remedy other conditions such as bronchitis, tonsillitis, and bacterial or viral infections.